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Autum on Jersey

A Channel Islands Dream

Until the 22nd of October 2022 you can travel to Jersey every Sunday. The largest of the Channel Islands between England and France offers a wide range of sightseeing, hiking and culinary delights. Jersey's landscape is characterized by dense greenery, a rocky coastline and picturesque bays that are even in autumn inviting for a swim even thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. When the air and water are at approximately the same temperature, it is wonderful to walk along one of the well-known routes. For example, walk along the seawall of the four-mile-long St. Ouen's Bay and watch the spectacle of the great Atlantic waves. Many hiking and walking routes of varying lengths and levels of difficulty are summarized for you here: Hiking on Jersey

Jersey also has a culinary side to offer. Fresh ingredients from the island and the sea are used with pride and pleasure. Lobster, mussels, and seafood are on the menu as well as the popular dairy products from the purebred Jersey cows. Let yourself be enchanted and inspired here: Culinary Jersey

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Discover Bergen

Spectacular in Every Season

The indescribable beauty of Norway is revealed in autumn, when the blaze of colour in the leaves spreads through the forests and moors. Especially the mountains invite you to hike, fish and marvel. Colourful leaves, deep valleys, high peaks, glaciers, dramatic waterfalls and blue lakes full of mountain trout - this sensational natural paradise lies just outside Bergen.

Bergen is also a convincing destination for a city break with its small-town charm. Norway's second largest city offers culture and culinary delights in numerous museums or art exhibitions and restaurants. Freshly caught fish and seafood are at the heart of Bergen's cuisine. So be sure to stop by the city's fish market, which has been providing the city's residents and visitors with treasures from the sea since 1276.

Some inspiration for your trip: Autumn in Norway

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