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Lübeck Air will soon go into its winter break We are flying as scheduled until the end of the season!

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Summer vacation in Bern
Summer vacation in Bern

Bern: The Aare and the BärenPark

The Swiss capital has much more to offer than the typical sights: it can also be explored by water. Pack your swimming gear, jump into the Aare and let yourself be carried past the Parliament building, the Bern Minster and the Bear Park - a splash!

Sometimes green, sometimes turquoise, sometimes dark blue, the Aare meanders around the city of Bern. In summer, the Bernese know no stopping and enjoy the cool water. Daring ones jump from the bridges into the river at the Marzili and Lorraine cult pools. Cozy ones take a seat in the Aareböötle, a rubber boat. Then it's time to let things drift. There are various places between Thun and Bern where the boat is cast into the water. More on this.

The relationship between the city of Bern and its heraldic animal has a very long tradition and so the Bernese bears are at home in the middle of the city. They live exclusively in the BärenPark on the Aarehang, with a view of the UNESCO-designated old town of Bern. The approximately 6,000 square meter site stretches from the former Bärengraben down to the banks of the Aare and can be experienced without obstacles. The BäreBähnli creates a fast connection between the banks of the Aare and the upper part of the park. The panorama inclined lift can be used free of charge. A unique experience to float past the bear noses through the park!

We will connect Bern and Lübeck on Thursdays and Sundays until the end of the season.

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Water sports on Corsica
Water sports on Corsica

Enjoy the Corsican joie de vivre

Dream destination Corsica: Crystal clear waters, extensive sandy beaches, small secluded bays or granite rocks populated by seabirds - along the more than 1000 km of coastline, Corsica offers versatile seascapes that are unique in the Mediterranean. Even in the height of summer, you can easily find a quiet little cove for diving, fishing or just swimming.

Between the coast, alpine heights, mountain villages and maquis, Corsican gastronomy delights: local specialties allow gourmets to discover Corsica. Sausages, cheeses, citrus fruits, biscuits, chestnut flour and much more can be tasted with family or friends in a relaxed atmosphere. And the ambience is right in Corsica anyway.

On Saturdays we fly with you to paradise!

Things to know about Corsica

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Delicacies from the region

Our guests receive food and drinks on board, which are included in the airfare. These little things are put together fresh before departure.

For our environment

We are constantly expanding our sustainability concept on board: Our meals are served on glass and porcelain and we offer you pillows and blankets made of washable natural materials.

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