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Baggage check-in of the included luggage
Baggage check-in of the included luggage

In general

All fares of Lübeck Air include one piece of checked baggage (up to 23 kg) and one piece of hand baggage (up to 8 kg). Your hand baggage may not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Please note that neither checked nor hand baggage is included for infants under 2 years of age.

You would like to take additional baggage? Please call +49 451 3171 9000 or send an e-mail to For an additional piece of baggage (up to 23 kg) we charge €50 per flight and person. If your baggage weighs more than 23 kg, we charge €10 for each additional kilogram.

Some items may not be carried in hand and/or checked baggage. Please read here which items are not allowed to be taken on the aircraft:

Prohibited items

Sports equipment and bulky baggage

You can check in your sports and bulky baggage at the bulky baggage counter. For the transportation of sports and bulky luggage we charge a fee of €50 per flight and person.

For transportation of bicycles, the pedals must be removed and the handlebars must be adjusted lengthwise to avoid damage to other baggage in the hold.

If you wish to take a particularly fragile piece of luggage, we recommend registering it for transportation in the cabin. In order to keep the trip comfortable, we offer the possibility of reserving an additional seat for you.

As the capacities on board are limited, we kindly ask you to register bulky pieces of luggage, sports equipment and musical instruments at least 48 hours prior to departure by phone at +49 451 3171 9000 or by e-mail to

Handling of bulky luggage
Handling of bulky luggage

Strollers, buggies, wheelchairs

We will gladly take special baggage such as baby carriages, buggies, walkers and wheelchairs from you right before boarding the aircraft and hand it back to you upon arrival directly at the aircraft (delivery at aircraft).

Please remember to register special baggage in advance, at least 48 hours before departure.

If you need assistance at the airport, please feel free to contact us so that we can give you the attention you need. You can reach us at +49 451 3171 9000  or by e-mail to

Luggage is included in the ticket
Luggage is included in the ticket

Baggage for infants and children

If you are traveling with infants or children, you are allowed to take up to two pieces of special baggage free of charge. This only includes strollers, buggies, baby carriers, child carriers and child car seats. If you bring more than two of these items, you will be charged a fee of €10 per item and flight.

For infants up to two years of age there is no additional hand or checked baggage included, besides the two pieces of special luggage. If you would like to take additional pieces of baggage that do not fall under the special baggage allowance (e.g. suitcases), we can add these as excess baggage to your booking (see section "In general").

Children over two years of age may take the free baggage allowance included in every Lübeck Air fare (one piece of baggage up to 23 kg and one piece of hand baggage up to 8 kg, max. 55 x 40 x 23 cm), in addition to the two pieces of special baggage.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +49 451 3171-9000 or

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