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Lübeck Air Baggage regulations

Baggage check-in of the included luggage
Baggage check-in of the included luggage

In general

The fare already includes one piece of baggage (up to 23kg) and hand luggage (up to 8kg). Your baggage should be sealed and provided with an address label. Please note the dimensions for hand luggage (max. 55 x 40 x 23cm). You are welcome to book additional luggage; we charge €50 per extra piece of baggage and €10/kg of excess baggage.

The following items may not be taken on the aircraft: Prohibited items

Sporting equipment and oversized baggage

If you want to check in your golf or skiing equipment, please telephone us in advance, as capacity is limited. You can check in your sporting equipment and bulky baggage at the oversized baggage counter. The fee for sporting equipment is €50, and €50 for bicycles.
Contact us: +49 (0)451 - 3171-9000

Handling of bulky luggage
Handling of bulky luggage

Prams, strollers, wheelchairs

You can hand over special items of baggage such as child transport, walking aids and wheelchairs to us directly at the aircraft, where they will be returned to you on arrival.

If you need support at the airport, please notify us in advance so that we have plenty of time to prepare and be there for you.
Contact us: +49 (0)451 - 3171-9000

Gruppenbuchungen ab 10 Personen bieten wir Ihnen gerne gesondert an.

Bitte schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail an vertrieb@luebeck-air.de und wir kümmern uns umgehend darum.