About your flight

Baggage rules

Depending on the booking class, the ticket price already includes one or two items of checked baggage (up to 23kg each) and your cabin baggage (up to 8kg). Please note that the dimensions for cabin baggage must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm. For checked baggage exceding 23kg, we need to charge an extra €12/kg. If you wish to take additional baggage along, you can purchase this option. We charge an extra €50 per item of baggage.

Your baggage should be closed and have an address label.

Unfortunately, we do have to charge extra for heavy or oversized baggage and sporting equipment. Please register oversized baggage items by telephone before your flight. To register your excess baggage and for any questions you may have, call us on  +49-451/5830 1800.

Hazardous goods cannot be carried. Detailed information on items that cannot, under any circumstances, be carried on an aircraft is available here: ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/security

Special service requests

Sporting equipment and oversized baggage

If you want to check in your golf or skiing equipment, please telephone us in advance, as capacity is limited. You can check in your sporting equipment and oversized baggage at the oversized baggage counter. The fee for sporting equipment is €50, and €60 for bicycles.

Contact us on +49-451/5830 1800

Prams, strollers/pushchairs and wheelchairs

You can hand over special items of baggage such as child transport, walking aids and wheelchairs to us directly at the aircraft, where they will be returned to you on arrival.

If you need support at the airport, please notify us in advance so that we have plenty of time to prepare and be there for you. Contact us on +49-451/5830 1800

Unaccompanied minors

It’s no problem for us to make sure your child travels safely with Lübeck Air.

Please get in touch with us in advance if your child, aged 5 - 11 years, is to fly with us unaccompanied. We are also happy to provide a support service. The fee for this is €60 per unaccompanied minor per flight. To register for the service and for any questions you may have, call us on +49-451/5830 1800.

Please complete the following form and bring it with you to check-in.

Accompanying animals

Your dog is welcome to accompany you, provided the animal weighs less than 8kg, including the transport bag.

Please note that animals to be taken in the cabin must be registered in advance and are subject to a fee of €35 per flight. Your pet must be securely packed in a closable, leak-proof bag.

To register for the service and for any questions you may have, call us on +49-451/5830 1800.