Unacompanied minors

Children travelling alone

It’s no problem for us to make sure your child travels safely with Lübeck Air. Please get in touch with us in advance if your child, aged 5 - 11 years, is to fly with us unaccompanied. We are happy to provide a support service. The fee for this is €50 per unaccompanied minor (plus ticket fare) per flight. An airport employee accompanies your child from the check-in counter, through the security check, to the plane. At the destination airport, the crew will hand over your child to a designated airport employee on site until it is met by you.

For siblings traveling together and both under the age of 12, the fee aplies per child and way. Children under the age of 12 who are accompanied by a sibling 16 years and older do not require an UM service. You also have the option of accompanying your child to the departure gate, for which you will receive a consignment note at the check-in counter.

To register for the service and for any questions you may have, call us: +49 (0)451 - 3171 9000.

Please complete the following form and bring it with you to check-in.

UM declaration of consent
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